Nature’s Foods Solutions is a unique digital portal that connects consumers with food manufactures, distributors, local farms, and meal delivery services to provide direct access to affordable, healthy, home delivered foods, nutrition plans, and recipes specific to their needs.

While the portal focuses on chronic illnesses and conditions to help organizations and users tackle the root of health issues and today’s rising food and healthcare costs, users who do not have an illness or disease benefit as well. The portal eliminates many of the current food supply chain’s five to eight steps, reducing the impact on the environment, operational and food costs, and passes the savings on to the consumer.


For employers, insurers, PEO’s and wellness companies managing health populations and member groups, we are an easy to use SaaS solution that improves health outcomes and reduces the prevalence of illness by linking together disease and dietary needs based nutrition plans, tools and recipes with affordable, home delivered, healthy foods.

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For food manufactures, distributors and farms looking to increase sales and reduce costs, we are an Order to Cash SaaS solution that reduces operating and logistics costs, the food supply chain, and increase food sales margins through improved product data management, marketing, and connecting you directly to large groups of consumers who want and have incentives to eat healthy.

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In today’s world there is not a level playing field for individuals to eat healthy.  Although income, location and illness should not play a role in anyone’s ability to eat and afford high quality foods, they unfortunately have become significant barriers that hinder a person’s ability to easily access, buy, and eat healthy foods on a consistent basis.

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To overcome these barriers we’ve created a unique web based portal supported by methodologies that provide an easy,convenient, and affordable way for people to learn about, access, and buy high quality, natural and organic foods specific to their needs.

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For organizations who manage health populations and want to reduce the prevalence of disease and improve health outcomes, the Nature’s Foods Portal provides a comprehensive set of tools, and access to healthy foods and delivery services, enabling you to build a culture of health and transform your organization and community into a healthier place to work and live.

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