Healthy Foods

The food we put in our bodies is the center piece to the foundation of our health. Regardless of one’s current condition, disease, or health status, food is the fuel our body and mind use to operate, function, think, and grow. Feeding ourselves and becoming addicted to processed and chemically ladened foods over short and long periods of time, can cause the onset of unsuspecting and unwanted health conditions and disease.

To help avoid, manage, and eliminate these conditions, our portal makes it easier for people to learn about, afford, and eat home delivered, sustainable healthy foods on a consistent basis.

All users have access to the core staples for every day quality nutrition; all-natural and organic proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Foods are hand washed, cleaned, filleted, deboned, and cut to ensure leanness and proper portion sizes. To guarantee quality, freshness, and safety, foods are minimally processed and contain no:

  • Additives
  • Preservatives
  • Gluten
  • Artificial antibiotics
  • Artificial hormones
  • Nitrates
  • Steroids
  • Coloring
  • Dyes
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Dairy
  • Corn Syrup
  • MSG

Foods are then vacuumed sealed or bagged, and flash-frozen at the peak of freshness ensuring the highest level of nutrient density, flavor, color, and protein consistency. This process also eliminates crystallization, E. coli, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, and other food-borne illnesses.

Coming Soon: Look for healthy all-natural and organic herbs, spices, oils, nuts, and grasses (rice).

The quality and savings begin with a shortened food supply chain and end with the healthcare system and consumer.

By combining access to healthy farm foods, clean food manufacturing, key food sourcing, high grade processing, environmentally safe and convenient packaging, national home delivery, and clinical nutrition management, abundant healthy food options, needs based nutrition plans and dietary guidelines, the result is a comprehensive web portal allow people to receive home delivered all-natural or organically grown foods, specific to their needs, at prices they can afford.

Now organizations who serve and manage health populations can provide an all inclusive nutritional benefit to improve health outcomes.

  • Access – To sustainable healthy foods, tools & information
  •  Convenience – Easy online ordering saving time & money
  • Ease of use – Accessible from any device or computer
  • Knowledge – Specific to disease, condition, & health status
  • Choices – Easy to choose plans or foods based on needs
  • Affordability – Benefit pricing, realized cost savings
  • Home Delivery – Free delivery saving time, extra trips to the store & money

Removing barriers for people make desirable habits easy to change and improve lives. Where motivation exists with the barriers removed, people have an increased opportunity to achieve their goals.

The difference in the food is the High Quality, Home Delivery and Cost Savings.


Ordering online provides convenience, variety, and a sustainable way to access an abundance of core proteins, fruits, and vegetable necessary for daily nutritional health.

There’s comfort in knowing needs based nutrition plan packages and healthy all-natural and organic foods are readily available at a click of a button and arrive in 3 days or less.

Soon all-natural and organic herbs, spices, oils, nuts, and grasses (rice) will be added to broaden the line of healthy alternatives.


The quality behind the foods lies in the sourcing and processing of each item.

We partner with top certified food manufactures and processors who hand wash, clean, debone, fillet and cut all their foods to ensure leanness, freshness, and proper portion sizes. They source form several of the top farms and fisheries, both local and international, and adhere to stringent FDA and USDA compliance guidelines.

Vacuum sealing and flash freezing at -.50 degrees Celsius locks in and retains nutrient density at the peak of freshness. This process also preserves the quality, color, flavor, and eliminates E. coli, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, and other food-borne illnesses.

All foods are 100% USDA federally inspected with the mandate of having USDA Federal Inspectors on site 24/7. This can be compared to the majority of industry manufactures and processors who only meet quarterly state inspections. All partner manufactures ensure the highest quality of food safety and production

All foods are individually portioned controlled, wrapped, vacuumed sealed and flash frozen allowing for easy storage, cooking, and eating.

This type of packaging and storage eliminates waste, keeps food on hand longer, and reduces trips to the store, saving time, gas and money

Vacuum sealing and using BPA free packaging keeps foods free from chemicals. Foods in their solid state and free from chemicals prevent crystallization and allow thawing and preparation in less than 30 minutes. All foods are packaged and shipped with dry ice in sturdy Styrofoam coolers, allowing foods to remain frozen for up to 3 days from shipment. The Styrofoam cooler and dry ice bags are recyclable.

Our commitment is to partner with only farms, manufacturers and processors that adhere to the highest food, safety, environmental, and packaging standards.

Quality Guaranteed