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For Employers looking to mitigate chronic disease and improve health outcomes, our unique nutritional digital platform enables you to help your employees make habit changing choices by making healthy eating easy and affordable. We’re the missing link to any wellness platform that engages, educates, rewards and helps your employees overcome the barriers to eating healthy.

Help your employees lifestyle at the office and at home.

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Wellness Solution Providers

For Wellness Providers trying to aggregate best of breed wellness services, implement wellness programs, offer new & exciting benefits, increase engagement, track participant progress, measure against claims data, and help clients realize ROI while keeping costs low & generating revenue.

We help you meet client demands & stay profitable.

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Health Plan Providers

For Plan Providers trying to deliver, track and measure quality care, reduce claims, improve members’ health, introduce new & effective benefits while increasing revenue and keeping costs low, the NFS Portal makes it easy to offer clinical level nutrition management alongside home delivered foods that makes healthy eating easy, affordable and fun.

Discover how our portal can help you execute and accomplish these goals.

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Healthcare Organizations
Health & Integrative Practitioners

Healthcare Organizations & Practitioners trying to meet the demands of new care delivery (ACO) and payer models, quality & risk measure targets and commercial & government payer demands, as well as improve the quality of care while staying profitable.

We help you generate revenue and empower patients to be accountable for their health.

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Health & Wellness Centers
Athletic Clubs

For Health & Wellness Centers, and Athletic Clubs looking to attract and retain members, increase revenue, and provide am all inclusive new program or benefit to members, patients, and the community.

We help you differentiate yourself and easily add a unique nutrition program that saves people time, money and their health.

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Service Providers

Technology is critical to drive existing and future gains in the quality, timeliness and effectiveness of patient care.

Our platform can positively influence work processes, facilitate seamless exchange of data, and provide critical information to clinicians enabling them to deliver more appropriate and timely patient care.

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Benefit Consultants & Brokers

Benefit Consultants & Brokers trying to differentiate themselves, gain & retain clients, provide new effective benefits, and meet client demands to reduce claims, premiums, and increase ROI, without reducing commission & fee revenue.

We help you stand out, generate incremental revenue & meet client demands.

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Non- Profits trying to raise funds, keep costs low, and make an impact on people’s lives.

Our platform helps you consistently raise funds throughout the year from your business & community donors, while creating momentum behind healthier lifestyle plans – through better nutrition – by empowering at-risk populations to take control of their health with real-world solutions that fit into their everyday lives.

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Affinity Marketers

For Affinity Marketers trying to meet organizations member’s needs, differentiate programs, gain & retain clients and members, and provide new tools and benefits promoting healthy eating & food delivery while and generate revenue without increasing costs.

We help you provide value and gain increased loyalty from your members while lowering costs and increasing revenue.

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For government food programs trying to meet the demands of providing healthier food options and resources to program participants, all while attempting to manage the funds, cost of the human capital, tools, and logistics that support these programs.

We can help improve food options, reduce cost, eliminate waste, and reallocate resources that to strengthen the program.

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Dietitians, Nutritionist
Trainers, Coaches

For Nutritional Professionals and Coaches wanting to improve people’s health, reduce the prevalence of disease, and increase their value as a professional, it’s now possible to work with and offer a real-world solution that makes an impact on everyday life. Our portal allows you to manage individual’s dietary needs and have healthy foods delivered to your clients home, while keeping cost low and generating revenue.

We enable you to change lives and grow your business.

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Farms, Manufactures

Sell healthy foods online direct to consumers while being more profitable due to reduced operational, logistics, and food supply chain costs. Be recognized as Cleantech and profit by being environmentally responsible, and helping to increase performance, productivity, and efficiency by minimizing negative effects on the environment.

A complete OTC solution that helps you sell online, be more profitable, and be recognized as Cleantech.

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